Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome Vera Bradley

It took us a long time, and many customer requests, to be able to finally offer Vera Bradley products for sale. While the 12 linear feet of shelving they require to stock the many patterns and styles took a bit of brainstorming, once we figured out a way to make it work, we've been thrilled ever since to offer this line of handbags, stationery, and accessories.

We're currently carrying a wide range of styles and patterns in the Signature line, Microfiber, as well as the new Resort line. However, if we don't have what you are looking for, we can special order it. Turn around time is about two weeks, but shipping and handling charges don't apply (as they would if you purchased directly from the website). Even if it's a retiring color or style, don't hesitate to ask as we're happy to try to track it down for you.

Vera Bradley is currently running a promotion through November 4th 2008, in which customers can receive a free see-through travel pouch (which meets current airline regulations, so you no longer have to resort to a plastic baggie, as the travel pouch comes in six different, stylish patterns -- Night Owl, Puccini, Frankly Scarlet, Cafe Latte, Mediterranean White, and Mediterranean Blue) with a purchse of $75 or more. If you did not receive a coupon but would like to benefit form this promotion, please let us know.

In addition to the handbags and totes, we're also carrying an assortment of stationery, pens, pencils, post it notes, mouse pad notes, and other paper goods in the Vera Bradley styles -- many of which are perfect for tucking into your purse.

Lastly, you can also find a small sampling of Vera Bradley placemats and napkins (we can place special orders for you in relation to these items as well), as well as the Vera Bradley Cookbook.

Meme and I are finding new things to love about Vera Bradley every day -- and we're learning so much about this line from our customers, so a sincere thanks to all of you who have shared your tips and favorites tidbits. Some of our favorite items include the Tech Case (which Meme and I both have and love). It's perfect for our cell phones and all of their attachements, as well as for stashing a few credit cards/cash for on the go errands. We hear that it's great for cameras as well. We both pore over the beautiful pictures and mouthwatering recipes in the cookbook -- Meme has even tried some of the recipes and it turns out that they taste just as good as they look. I am becoming a huge fan of the Microfiber line -- the Pleated Handbag fits everything I need for the day in something the size of a purse. Amazingly, the microfiber stays clean, even with all the lint and threads associated with the textiles that we are around all day.

Do you have a favorite Vera Bradley product? We'd love to hear about what it is and why you love it.


We know...
We've been there -- we know what it's like to have to shop for multiple people all at once on a limited budget. We also know when something more (like a wedding gift) is better, and everything in between. It is our goal to provide an array of gifts in a variety of price ranges to fit your various needs.

Experience the Difference:
If we don't love it, we don't carry it. It is our goal to try it, wash it, test drive it on our family and friends, and be able to vouch for it. Quality is our ultimate goal, in everything we do, from the items we carry to our level of customer service to our monogramming standards. We know there are lots of websites and retail stores out there, just a phone call or click away and we hope you'll experience the difference in working with us. Whatever your initial attraction, we're sure you'll find many more qualities to love. It's one of the many things that set us apart from the rest.

Why Blog?
Because we are so hands on in selecting and testing merchandise, we thought a blog would be helpful in order to highlight some of our current favorites, new items, as well as old standbys. However, it's also a way for you, our customers, to share experiences and feedback as well. We are so appreciative of the wonderful network of customers that we've come to meet and get to know over the years. Your feedback and ideas have been invaluable to us and we hope to continue that experience here.