Thursday, September 29, 2011

East West Totes All Around

It happened very quickly --
All of the Vera Bradley East West Totes
that were raffled off last week
have been claimed.

Do not despair!
If you're name is not one of the four listed below,
take comfort --
Vera Bradley has just extended a
One Day Deal
on all East West Totes!

Saturday, October 22nd
purchase any East West Tote (regularly priced at $52)
for only $39!
While supplies last.

In the meantime, let's offer a round of congratulations
to the following winners:
Rhythm & Blues #574082: Elaine Smit
Floral Nightingale #573984: Cathy Michealsen
Tea Garden #574108: Marcia Smith
Suzani #574098: Tamela Wenzel

Thank you again to everyone who helped celebrate the arrival of Vera Bradley's Winter Collection

Monday, September 26, 2011

An Update

We waited with bated breath this morning
to find out if our samples from Waxing Poetic would arrive
and in what form...

The company actually pulled together a replica set
of the samples we were supposed to have received on Friday.

So, we've got the Rivet, the Round, the Square, the Mini's and more
we've got rings, we've got bracelets,
we've got Tiny Lights, and the Big Fluttery Pendant
and loads of other samples for you to see and play with

And so, without further ado,
please join us for our

Waxing Poetic Trunk Show
Monday, September 26th
Saturday, October 1st
with extended hours until 8:00 pm on Wednesday, September 28th

Peruse the samples and play with the jewelry.
Pre-order any of the line's current offerings.
Waxing Poetic will be priority shipping any trunk show orders,
so we're anticipating their arrival around October 15th.
In stock items can be pre-ordered and picked up on Monday, October 3rd, (if not sooner).

We think you'll find that it was all worth the wait.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, there's no blood involved...

Dear Friends,

Well, would you like the good news first or the bad news?

Let's start with the good news. While our Vera Bradley Luggage Event didn't get off to quite the start we had hoped for, since the sample merchandise did not arrive when planned, we now have the luggage samples we've been waiting for, in house and ready for you to view, test, swivel and compare. As a result, we've prolonged the Luggage Event to continue through the end of this week. So, between now and Saturday October 1st, if you pre-order and purchase any Vera Bradley rolling luggage item, you'll receive any other current Vera Bradley item of your choice at 50% off (excluding rolling luggage).

And now for the bad news. We've been so excited about offering you a full-blown Waxing Poetic trunk show this week, chock full of samples from the company of all the items that we're not able to regularly stock. Unfortunately, we've just found out that, due to an error on Waxing Poetic's end (they wrote down the end date of our trunk show as the start date), the sample boards that we've all been so excited to see and play with are not here. We're not even sure if they will be here this week. Waxing Poetic is scrambling to get some samples to us, but as of right now, they've been unresponsive in sharing with us exactly what they will be providing or when it will be here.

So, here's what we know right now: We will have samples from the company. We doubt that it will be an example of every single piece, but we should have an increased showing. The samples are supposed to be here by 10:30 am Monday (9/26) morning, but Waxing Poetic has not yet provided us with the shipping tracking codes that they also promised us, so we aren't able to verify this arrival time for sure. We're also working to determine whether we'll be able to get our hands on the real sample boards (that do detail everything we don't usually stock) by the end of this week (if we can, we'll be extending the trunk show through next week). We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, please accept our sincere apologies. Our goal with these events has been to try to further highlight special companies and products that you have specifically expressed an interest in seeing more of. Because we're a store with not a lot of square footage, we've been using these events to try to deepen the offerings available to you, if only for a short time. We keep reminding ourselves that there is no blood involved and that mistakes do happen, but the end result remains that we feel terrible that we have over-promised and under-delivered. Our goal has NOT been to jerk you around, rather our goal is always to surprise and delight you (we have our fingers crossed that Waxing Poetic will come through and surprise and delight us all). Please know that we truly value your time and your support of our business, and that we will be implementing meas ures with all special event vendors to try to prevent this from happening in the future.

We'll keep you updated on Facebook, on our blog, and via email as to what is going on with Waxing Poetic as soon as we know anything concrete. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, your understanding, and most importantly for your friendship -- it's what keeps us going!

Many thanks,
Meme & Bree 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

East West Tote Winners

The FOUR Winners
of the
FOUR Vera Bradley East West Totes

Floral Nightingale: Ticket #573984
Tea Garden: Ticket #574108
Suzani: Ticket #574098
Rhythm & Blues: Ticket #574082

Winners have five business days to claim their prize.
Please call, email or stop in to let us know that you've got a winning ticket!
You'll need to bring your raffle ticket in with you when you claim your tote.
One prize per ticket holder, please--
(if same ticket holder wins multiple totes, we'll ask that you pick your favorite pattern among the winnings).

If all four winners do not claim their tote by close of business on Friday (9/30/11),
we'll pick new raffle tickets for any remaining totes.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and
helped celebrate the arrival of Vera Bradley's new Winter offerings!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do you have Raffle Ticket

If so, you won a Dash & Albert Rug Tote of your choice!
Stop in or call by 9/17/11 to claim your prize.

If prize goes unclaimed, we'll pull another raffle ticket on 9/18/11.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The rumors are true.
Our Waxing Poetic catalog trunk show was so successful,
and we've received so many requests for another,
that we've decided to up the ante and host a
full fledged

Waxing Poetic Trunk Show


Monday, September 26th
Friday, September 30th

•With extended hours until 8:00 pm on Wednesday, September 28th
•We'll have sample boards directly from the company so that you can actually see, touch and feel the items that we don't always have in stock.
•As well as increased stock in store.

We're also offering a select opportunity to those interested in hosting a Waxing Poetic party at Initial Attraction. We have four evenings currently available during that last week of September. Gather some friends, meet at Initial Attraction, and partake in some wine and savory snacks (provided by us!) while you shop. The store will be yours to peruse and play with the jewelry at your leisure.

Host a party and here's what you'll receive:
  • $25 in free jewelry money for parties totalling at least $150 in retail sales.
  • 25% in free jewelry money for parties totalling at least $300 in retail sales.
  • 25% in free jewelry money for parties totalling $500 in retail sales or more, plus one item at 50% off (or two items at 50% off for parties totalling $1,000 or more).
  • Plus appreciation points for all monetary purchases.
We'll also make it as easy as possible for you to simply have a fun evening with friends. Let us know of your interest and we'll walk you through the details. We anticipate that these evenings will schedule quickly.

This is the last Waxing Poetic event that we plan on holding before the end of the year, so plan ahead and take advantage in anticipation of the holidays!