Monday, February 15, 2010

Made in the USA

We appreciate when you buy local, so we make every effort to try to buy "local" ourselves.  Below is a list of items that we carry that are fully made in the United States, along with some interesting accompanying details that will make you love them even more.

American Apparel  (baby onesies) - This company is an excellent example of what made in the USA can (and should!) be.  Not only are they one of L.A.'s largest employers, they are one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the United States.  Their average sewing operator earns more than $12 per hour, which is accompanyied by a benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, meals, an on-site medical clinic, and stock options, among other things.  American Apparel has experienced rapid sales and export growth, all while producing extremely high quality product.  American Apparel onesies retail for as little as $18 (embroidery included) at Initial Attraction.

Barefoot Contessa (specialty food) - Faster, easier, but just as tasty as her cookbook recipes, Ina Garten's mixes are made in the US too.
Compendium (greeting cards) - Made in the USA and 100% eco-friendly.  10% of all Compendium sale profits are donated to Conservation International and Climate Solutions.  Each card is printed with soy ink on recycled paper and made with green power.  Each card also includes a "Do Something Green" tip on the back.
Hoohobber (toddler chairs) - Family owned and made in Chicago, IL.

Mangiacotti (bath and body) - Love that Lemon Verbena!  Made of essential oils and plant derivatives, Mangiacotti products are earth friendly, never tested on animals and come from Attleboro, MA.
Mixture (candles) - Made by hand (not machine!) in Lenexa, Kansas.  Mixture's goal is to provide the best possible products while improving the environmental status of the planet.
Noodle and Boo (baby bath and body) - Hypo-allergenic and created for ultra-sensitive skin, this line takes care of eczema, cradle cap and diaper rash, and a portion of their proceeds goes to childrens' charities.  Plus, it's from San Jose, CA.
Stonewall Kitchen (specialty food) - Over 90% of their products are all natural and all are made in the USA.
The Thymes (bath and body).  Their distinctive scents are created in their own in-house labs, run entirely by women.  Plus, the Thymes are mid-west based, coming straight from Minneapolis, MN.

Friday, February 12, 2010

All the Better to See You With, My Dear...


Vera Bradley

3 styles
6 patterns
3 strengths (+1.00, +1.50, +2.00)

Not your grandmother's glasses!