Sunday, November 30, 2008

Perfect for a Party

Going to a Party? Some great hostess gifts:

  • Wine Bottle Stopper: Single initials or a variety of stock designs by Mariposa. Price: $21 - $27.

  • Stonewall Kitchen: assortment of sweet or savory food items, perfect on their own or pair with a set of napkins or a spreader. Price: $6.25 - $20.

  • Napkin Box: One of our best-selling hostess gifts as it is perfect for the entertainer. Includes a Mariposa cocktail napkin box, any set of Caspari cocktail napkins, and any napkin weight. Mix and match to create a custom set, just for them. Price: $44.

  • Sink Set: Frasier Fir, Olive Leaf, Gardener, Lavender or Eucalyptus scented hand wash and hand lotion from The Thymes. Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, includes a convenient caddy. Price: $28.75.

Throwing a party? Some essentials to make it elegant and easy:

  • Crepe Placemats: Set of 12, made of crepe paper in festive colors -- these are the perfect setting to your table, especially considering they won't need to be laundered later. Use coasters to keep the water marks away and you'll most likely be able to re-use them for another event. Made by Caspari. Price: $15.50.

  • Stonewall Kitchen appetizers: Open a jar of Cranberry Horseradish Sauce or Roasted Garlic Onion jam, pair with some cream cheese and crackers and you have an elegant appetizer that doesn't require an oven. Price: $7.75.

  • Caspari Paper goods: Keep clean up simple without forfeiting quality with lovely paper goods from Caspari -- plates, napkins, guest towels, etc. Price: $5.25 to $10.75.

  • Mariposa spreaders: Serve your guests in style with spreaders from Mariposa. A variety of styles and motifs available, perfect for any occassion. Price: $17.

Lovely Gifts for Less than $25

Find something perfect without having to spend a fortune:

  • Ana Candles: Smokeless, dripless, high quality paraffin. Perfect for everyone -- couples, singles (male or female), host/hostess, or even for your own home or party. Great to have on hand for that last minute gift or pair it with a personalized guest towel. Price: $22

  • Personalized Ornaments: Rebecca Edmonds hand paints whatever you want -- from a single name, to an ornament with all the grandkids'. Perfect for a first christmas (couple or baby) or a cherished keepsake. Price: $22
  • Ballpoint Pen: These pens have a lovely feel -- both in your hand and to write with. They'll look forward to writing thank you notes with this! Black ink, variety of colors and patterns. Price: $19.75
  • Stationery: Notepads and notecards in a variety of colors and sizes. Perfect for a casual note as well as a formal thank you. Price: $14.50 - 17.50
  • Napkin Box: Cocktail napkin holder in a rich rattan is the perfect place to showcase holiday napkins -- an excellent hostess gift. Add a set of Caspari napkins for $5.25 and you'll still be under $25. Price: $17.50

  • Napkin weight: Available in a variety of motifs and seasons, as well as single initials. Pair it with a set of napkins, attach it to a bottle of wine, or hang as an ornament from the tree. Price: $14

  • Zip ID: Available in a variety of Vera Bradley patterns -- perfect for an ID/credit card and some cash, with a keychain attachment. Priced so perfectly, you could tuck a little cash or gift certificate in for them as well. Price: $10 (Baekgaard leather card holder also available for $11)

  • Kid's Topics: the classic version of Table Topics, geared towards kids and all packed up and ready to go for the car or to a friend's house. Sample questions include: What would be a really good flavor of toothpaste? or What's your favorite Disney character? Questions to start great conversations with or among your kids. Price: $10

Great Gifts for Guys

Below are some tried and true gift ideas that both you and he will love.

  • Wine Tote: Perfect for carrying a bottle of wine and some cheese (or ditch the cheese altogether and take two bottles of wine!). Price: $27.50 - $40

  • Wine Bottle Stopper: Single initials or a variety of stock designs by Mariposa. Price: $21 - $27

  • Wine Coaster: Mariposa's wine coaster is one of our best selling gift items. Their new holiday design also holds a votive candle. The wine plate doubles as a coaster for a drink. Price: $26 - $62

  • Sport Chair: Not just for sports -- great for camping or at the beach. Canvas chair folds out to include a side table, as well as plenty of pockets for storage. Can be embroidered with up to three initials on the back. Price: $69.50 (plain)/ $78 (personalized)

  • Insulated Tumblers: 12 or 16 ounces, these tumblers keep condensation to a minimum (no need for a coaster!) and keep cold drinks cold. Personalized only, with or without a stock design. Please allow fifteen business days plus shipping. Price: $56 - $60

  • Bamboo Bath Towels: Four times more absorbant than classic cotton, super soft, very luxurious, and environmentally friendly as well. Available in a range of colors, can be personalized. Price: $55/set (additional for personalized)

  • Baseball cap: Personalize it with his initials on the back. Price: $26

  • The Thymes: Soaps and lotions in scents like Olive Leaf and Eucalyptus. Price: $10.50 - $30