Friday, April 29, 2011

Gotta Have It Giveaway Winner for 4/29/11

Congratulations to Norma B,
the winner of the Reisenthel Market Basket (in the color of her choice)
for our 4/29/11 Giveaway!

Norma B, you have 30 days to collect your prize.

Thanks to all who participated! 
We'll be posting additional giveaways soon with additional chances to win!

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Initial Attraction Survivor's Breakfast

Did you know that Prince Harry plans to celebrate until the sun comes up after the Royal Wedding reception, tonight?  In fact, he has a 6:00 am "Survivor's Breakfast" prepared for those still standing the next morning.

In honor of Harry's Survivor's Breakfast we're serving Barefoot Contessa Sour Cream Coffee Cake on Saturday (4/30) morning and we'll have a fresh pot of coffee brewed, so stop in and help yourself!  The coffee cake is a great item to pick up in anticipation of Mother's Day. 

Harry's Survivor's Breakfast has made us curious -- how is your china surviving these days?  Nicked, chipped or (gasp!) tucked away and rarely used?  Do all the Royal Wedding festivities make you want to register again?  If so, stop by Initial Attraction on Saturday (4/30) and fill out a wish list.   Feel free to fill it up with user friendly goodies from Mariposa (no polishing!) and Juliska (chip resistant!  Dishwasher safe!).  Whether it is to update your current collection or replace it entirely (or just get some Vera you've had your eye on), it is completely up to you -- the wish list is a guide for your friends and family so when your Birthday or Mother's Day (!) or the holidays roll around, they'll know just what you like (and believe us, they will thank you for making it so easy).

Just to sweeten the deal a little more, if you fill out a wish list this Saturday (4/30) only, we'll offer you 20% off any one item of your choice from your purchase that day.* 

Cake, coffee, 20% off, and gifts to come that you'll adore.  All without a survivor's hangover. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2011

Mother's Day is May 8th

Are you like so many of the other sons and daughters out there who repeatedly tell us that Mother's Day is tricky because your mothers already have everything

If so, this Gift Guide is for you:

Mini Garden-in-a-Pail: Flowers are great, but what if you could give her a garden?  One that will last well past Mother's Day?  Just in time for Mother's Day, we're offering Mini Garden-in-a-Pail from Potting Shed Creations.  These beautifully packaged container gardens include a leak-proof US made galvanized pail and all the ingredients to grow exceptional flowers and herbs.  A perfect compliment to a windowsill or patio garden.  Choose from Heirloom Lavender or Organic Mixed Herb.

Garden-in-a-Bag:  Need something a little smaller?  Want to convey a sentiment of gratitude this Mother's Day?  Pick up a Garden-in-a-Bag instead.  These unique container gardens are a Potting Shed Creations original and perennial favorite.  Easily and conveniently grown right in the leak proof bag, just plant the enclosed packet of seed in the special blend of certified organic soil and organic coconut husk drainage chips, and water for a year-round garden indoors.  These Gardens-in-a-Bag say Happy Mother's Day on the front or Thank You (depending on the sentiment you want to convey) and will grow gorgeous zinnias.

Juliska Vase & Fresh Flowers:  If you prefer traditional flowers, stop in on Friday (5/6) or Saturday (5/7) and we'll have plenty of Juliska vases on hand, as well as loads of fresh flowers.  Pick your vase, pick your flowers, and create an arrangement on site that will be perfect for her.  Keep in mind that lots of our Juliska items do double duty:  the small tumblers also double as lovely bud vases, the Isabella Wine Carafe can hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and the ever popular tealights also turn over to function as bud vases as well.

Picture Frames:  We have an assortment of picture frames on hand that would make a special Mother's Day keepsake.  Don't have a picture to put in the frame?  Offer to take one on Mother's Day, when you're all together, with the idea that you'll have something to put in the frame after your celebration.

Mangiacotti Soaps & Lotions:  If she's got everything, then give her something that she can use up!  She'll love using up the soaps and lotions from Mangiacotti -- with their fresh scents and fun packaging, keeping clean (and who knows more about that??) has never been so lovely.

Candles:  Also along the lines of giving her something she can use, we have an array of candles that are a luxury to burn.  Pair a set of tapers with some personalized fingertip towels.  Or, the Thymes has a line of Offerings candles with their distinct signature scents and array of sentiments.  A Happiness or Love candle makes for a sweet gift for Mother's Day.

Vera Bradley Mother's Day Bracelet:  Is your mom a Vera Bradley fan?  Whether she has all the pieces or is just a Vera dabbler, we've got a bracelet that she has definitely not seen before.  For a limited time only, Vera Bradley is offering a fun, collection item bracelet, made of fashionable printed beads strung on elasticized cording.  It's a gift that fits every Vera Bradley fan's fancy and is available only through Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Cards:  Maybe gifts aren't your thing. Or maybe you've got an amazing mom, like mine, who actually gives us, her kids, gifts on Mother's Day (crazy, but true!).  Whether it is to go with your gift, or in place of a gift, we have a variety of Mother's Day cards in stock.  Mainly sweet (but with one or two silly options), even though she may have everything, she'll never have too many cards telling her how great she is.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Gotta Have It Giveaway for 4/29/11

Just in time for Mother's Day! 
We're giving away a FREE Reisenthel Market Basket. 
(You pick the color!  From our in stock offerings)

These large baskets can hold quite a bit (and the frame is light, so fill 'er up!), but the tear proof polyester and sturdy aluminum mean that it will last quite awhile. They make great Mother's Day gifts and can easily be personalized.

These are actually one of the most talked about items that we carry. Every time we chat with customers, we hear of a new and fantastic way in which these market baskets are being used -- from the Farmers Market (which opens May 7th!) to the Family Room, as a catch-all in the back seat of the car to a keeper of knitting projects, the list goes on and on.

Since everyone we talk with has a new and better use, we want to know:  How would you use the Reisenthel Market Basket? 

Tell us by leaving a comment here, on this blog, and we'll pick a winner from among the comments on Friday, April 29th.*

Which means you could have one of these baskets in hand
in time for both Mother's Day and the Farmer's Market.

*Comments must be posted by 9:00 am ET, Friday morning (4/29/11).  Comments posted anywhere other than this blog posting will not be considered.