Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Cut-Off Dates

Cut-off dates to keep in mind:

Waxing Poetic:     12/7
Printswell:             12/9 (iPhone cases)
                                   12/10 (with a proof)
                                   12/11 (no proof)
Engraved Silver: 12/14
Mariposa:              12/14 (sorry, no engraving)
Juliska:                   12/14
Embroidery:        12/17
Vera Bradley:      12/18
Glassware:             TBD

New Traditions

Meme started a tradition in September of gifting Alice a Juliska place setting every year on her birthday.  This isn't our own tradition, but one borrowed from friends (who have been doing this for multiple generations).  We fell in love the idea of setting Alice up for adulthood with ease and grace (user friendly pieces that are meant to be used, but are equally beautiful) and without breaking the bank (rather than buying her a dozen place settings all at once, an investment of one place setting each year is made).

When I asked my husband what pattern Meme should start for Alice, he immediately hoped she would chose Country Estate (which surprised me as I didn't think it would appeal to him).  It turns out that we both love the whimsical and charming narrative where each piece reflects a different location on the estate, allowing eaters to dine their way around the estate with each serving piece.

It also gives my husband and I the opportunity to supplement her collection with Ruby Country Estate for the holidays.  So, every September, she receives a place setting from Meme in the Flint color, and each December she'll receive pieces from her parents in the Ruby.

The hardest part?  Not using her place settings!