Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gifts of Gratitude

Need a little hostess gift for your upcoming family feast?  We've got all sorts of goodies to help show your gratitude:
  • Thymes Offering Candle: Share the Offerings Thankfulness Candle as a small act of appreciation -- your best wish to someone you care about.  Evoke feeling of thankfulness that inspire the holiday with scents of velvety cream, bourbon vanilla, rich caramel and tender peach.
  • Juliska Gratitude Tray:  No need to spell it out -- this try says it all.  This Cornerstone gift tray is perfect for serving small treats, or keeping keys or change, or simply as decoration.  The back is engraved with the sentiment: "Gratitude -- a world of thanks to you."
  • Mariposa Spreader and Stonewall Kitchen Maple Pumpkin Butter:  They served you a feast, why not give them a little something for breakfast the next day?  Stonewall Kitchen's decadently rich fruit butter combines the essence of fall with maple and pumpkin -- a yummy accompaniment slathered (with a pretty Mariposa spreader) on toast with a cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Vera Bradley Note Cube:  This cute cube is perfect for gift-giving with individual sheets of paper, each with a touch of color, all tied up with a ribbon.  550 lose, stacked note sheets, with die-cut hole for pen
  • Hand towel and candles: A festive tea towel with a set of Caspari's fun colored candles to match.
  • Mangiacotti Sink Set: One of our most popular hostess gifts -- we're not sure if it's the fresh, neutral scents or the ready to go whimsical packaging that make them such a hit.  The poured soy candle comes pre-packaged in a gift box with an included set of matches.  Sinks sets are mix and match -- create a Green Tea Bathroom Set, or a Lemon Verbena Kitchen Set (perfect for making turkey day dish duty just a little bit easier).

However, we all know that it is the thought that counts.  Sometimes, you don't need a big gift, but just a little, simple thank you.  Check out our array of greeting cards-- from humorous to gracious -- to help you capture the perfect sentiment.

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