Friday, January 7, 2011

You Know We Love It...

You all know by now how much we love Juliska and it's wide array of freezer/oven/microwave/dishwasher safe line of ceramic tableware and dishwasher safe glassware.  While Meme and I have been slowly incorporating Juliska into our lives, piece by piece, we thought it might be nice to hear about some of the new pieces and various uses from someone who has had Juliska for a little longer.

Not sure if you're familiar with My Favorite Everything -- it's a fun blog written by an interior designer (who worked for Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus) and now has three children under the age of 3.  This lady knows about real life AND real loveliness.  She's been collecting and using Juliska since she got married and knows all about the new pieces as well as great ways for using the old standbys. So, instead of listening to us gush about how much we adore it, we thought you might like to hear some tips and see some of the new products from someone new, who has been a fan and familiar with the line for awhile now  (she can vouch for its resilience!).  When we claim that it is chip resistant and sturdier than it looks, she actually has the pictures to prove it.  Check out Still the Most Beautiful Tableware in the World and Possibly the Most Beautiful Tableware in the world for an unbiased review by someone who uses Juliska for every meal, every single day.  Every single day!

Stay tuned for more information regarding even newer additions to Juliska's lineup -- more functional and beautiful ways to mix and match your collections and even incorporate the holidays.

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