Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ana Candles - A Deal for our Readers

  • These candles are one of our favorite gifts -- and not just at the holidays.

  • They're elegant, sophisticated, classy, and unique.

  • They're smokless, dripless, and made of high quality paraffin (which puts them on right par with soy in terms of burn quality).

  • These candles come in such a variety of colors (even ivory), they fit perfectly in any home.

  • They make great gifts for anyone and everyone -- from couples to singles, hosts and hostesses, or to showcase in your own home.

  • We even have a selection of elegant matches to make your gift really complete.

  • For a more personalized gift, pair them with a monogrammed hand or fingertip towel.

These candles are such a no-brainer in terms of gift giving, we even keep some of the ivory or amber on hand for those last minute gifts we haven't planned for (we know you know what we're talking about!).

We think these candles are such great gifts, we're offering our blog readers 20% off of any Ana candle purchase if you mention this promotion in the store. Once again, you must tell us that you read about this 20% discount when you are at the register, otherwise the percentage will not be deducted, since this sale is not being promoted within the store (but is only offered to our blog readers). Offer ends 12/20/08.

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nemens said...

love the addition of photos!!