Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Cards - A Deal for our Readers

Haven't mailed your holiday cards yet? Thinking you might skip them this year?

We think keeping in touch and spreading holiday wishes is an important tradition, especially in this email driven world (who doesn't love seeing something personal in their mailbox?). Let us know that you read this blog entry and you'll receive a 50% discount (off the original retail price) on any Caspari holiday card purchase as a little added incentive to spread peace and good wishes this holiday season.

Photo cards or folded notes, Caspari's elegant designs will distinguish your holiday cards from the rest. With a 50% discount, holiday cards might not seem that far fetched this year. Or, for those readers who like to plan ahead, buy them now for next year... and then can you help us with ours??

As always, you must let us know you read about this offer when you are at the register, so that the discount will be taken from your purchase, since this isn't being promoted within the store.

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